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At Therese School we aim to promote and enhance the health and well-being of the students through physical education and physical activity programmes. Students are involved in a variety of activities including games, sports, gymnastics, dance, outdoor pursuits, fitness and aquatics.

Mt Roskill Zone Athletics

We are so proud of the efforts and achievements of our students who competed in the Mt Roskill Zone Athletics Competition. Each and every child gave it their all and showed true St Therese School spirit. Thank you to the staff and whanau that were at the event throughout the day to support and cheer on the competitors.

MRZ Athletics 3MRZ Athletics 2MRZ Athletics 1MRZ Athletics 4

The Pasifika Rugby Challenge at Eden Park

Our students were very fortunate to be invited to lead the New Zealand Heartland, Fijian, Samoan and Tongan Rugby Teams onto the field at Eden Park during the Pasifika Challenge Double-Header. Each child received their t-shirt and lined up next to one of the famous rugby players in the tunnel and waited patiently. When announced, they ran out onto the field with a member of the team and stood in front as the national anthems were sung. It was a very exciting experience and many students were even spotted on Sky Sport. The students made the most of the day by getting their faces painted and creating motivational signs to hold up for the teams.



Netball Season 2019

Our St Therese Primary and Intermediate Netball Teams have both had a fantastic season this year and attended the Three Kings Netball Competition Prizegiving on Saturday, 7th September.

We are proud of all players that participated in the competition. They worked hard in training, supported each other as team mates and represented the school with pride.

A particular congratulations to Vanessa Ugapo and Annikah Iosefo, who received the Fair Play Award for their teams. Also, to the St Therese Primary Team for placing first in the B grade in the first Championship Round.

To our coaches, Shania and Sarah, we thank you for all the time and energy you put into this role. We know that your guidance and coaching enabled our students to develop their skills, sportsmanship and knowledge of the game. Elina, your support for the Primary team, as Manager, is greatly appreciated.

To the parents and whanau community, we thank you for ensuring your daughters attended training and for being there every Saturday, rain or shine, to cheer on the team with words of encouragement.

We look forward to next year's netball season.




We had a fantastic time dancing and exercising in our Zumba lesson during our lunch break.

Sonia, our Zumba Instructor, taught us energetic and fun movements to some of our favourite songs.

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Mt Roskill Zone Netball Tournament

Congratulations to the St Therese Primary Netball Team who placed 4th in the A Grade today at the Mt Roskill Zone Netball Tournament. We are very proud of the way you played and the sportsmanship and teamwork you displayed throughout the day. A special thank you to their coach, Shania, for your efforts and support all season and today. Also, thank you to the parents and family members that came along to cheer the team on. The girls are lucky to have such a wonderful group of supporters.

Primary Netball Team


AFL Lessons

The students of Room 6 really enjoyed learning about AFL. This was not a well known sport among the students and it was great to see everyone give it a go and learn the key skills, such as kicking, bouncing and the hand pass. Over the lessons we grew in our understanding of the sport and by the end of the term all students could participate in a proper game of AFL.



Year 5 and 6 St Therese Girls Football Team

Our Year 5 & 6 Girls Football Team played with energy and enthusiasm in all their games at the MRZ Tournament held at Eden Park. We are very proud of the way they represented St Therese School and consistently showed great sportsmanship.



Year 5 and 6 St Therese Boys Football Team

An amazing day out in the sun, working together, improving our Football skills and making new friends at the MRZ Boys Football Tournament held at Eden Park.



Up and Close with the FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy

Our Year 5 & 6 Boys Football Team were so excited to get a close up look at the FIFA Women's Football World Cup Trophy at Eden Park.



Meeting Sarai Bareman at the MRZ Football Tournament

What an amazing experience meeting Sarai Bareman at today's Mt Roskill Zone Football Fun Day at Eden Park. Sarai Bareman is a New Zealand born former footballer, who represented Samoa. She is the current Chief Women's Football Officer for FIFA and brought along the Women's World Cup Trophy for all to see.


Kayaking Lessons

Our Year 7 & 8 students had an awesome experience learning kayaking skills today at Wero Whitewater Park. They braved the chilly water to learn different types of strokes, play kayak basketball, and develop the technique needed to get back in a kayak after having the wobbles and falling out. This will be a day they won't forget anytime soon. We are very proud of their efforts, resilience and support of each other.




Our year 5 and 6 students participated in the MRZ inter-schools softball competition. With some outstanding moments and great sportsmanship all around, it was a very successful day. Well done to the two softball teams entered. 

Softballa 2019Softball 2019



This term, Rooms 4, 5, and 6 have been participating in cricket lessons for KiwiSport. A lot of the students had never played cricket before and really enjoyed learning how to bowl, bat and field. Auckland cricket kindly gifted us some equipment so the students can keep working on their new skills!


Mt Roskill Zones Primary Athletics

On the 29th of November 2018, 14 St Therese students attended the Mt Roskill Primary Athletics.

Everyone participated well and showed great support for everyone competing.  

Well done to Eric, Loleni, Magila, Henry and Javan who all made finals in the sprints.  Congratulations to Javan who placed 3rd in the 50m, and 2nd in the 75m finals.

Mt Roskill 1Mt Roskill 2

Central Zones Intermediate Athletics

On Thursday the 22nd of November, 8 Intermediate pupils attended the Central Zone Athletics.

The students did really well competing against so many other schools and had a great day in the sunshine.

Well done to JJ who finished 3rd in his 200m and Mataele who finished 3rd in the Shotput. This is a fantastic achievement and we are very proud!

Central Zones


Athletics Day 2018

On Friday the 9th of November, St Therese had their school Athletics Day at Mt Roskill Primary.  The students had a great day competing in sprints, relays, long jump, high jump and shot put. They also had some fun novelty races which included a sack race and three legged race. We saw some amazing talent coming through, all the students showed great participation and did the school proud!  St Francis (green house) were the winners of the day  - these are the results. 

BOYS TRACK:  5 yrs - 1st  Tom, 2nd  Jude, 3rd  William Afu

6 yrs - 1st  Eyob, 2nd  Isileli, 3rd  Zaavan

7 yrs - 1st  Ammon, 2nd  Finan, 3rd  Connor

8 yrs - 1st Javan, 2nd Oliver, 3rd equal Henry, Peter, Agape

9 yrs - 1st Rafa, 2nd Finau, 3rd Ermias

10 yrs - 1st  Eric, 2nd  Pene, 3rd  Tonga

11 yrs - 1st  Geo, 2nd  Asipeli, 3rd  Gabriel

12 yrs - 1st  Sam, 2nd  Titi, 3rd  Joseph

13 yrs - 1st  JJ, 2nd  Abisht, 3rd  Matthew

GIRLS TRACK:  5 yrs - 1st  Bella, 2nd  Ofa, 3rd  Una

6 and 7 yrs - 1st  Eva, 2nd  Ariannah, 3rd  Johannah

8 yrs - 1st  Magila, 2nd  Aylen, 3rd  Mia

9 yrs - 1st  Fatima, 2nd  Ariana, 3rd  Hermela

10 yrs - 1st  Loleni, 2nd  Sharna, 3rd  Mercy

11 yrs - 1st  Aalisha, 2nd  Ofa, 3rd  Sheila

12 yrs - 1st Meela, 2nd  Fiona, 3rd  Vainiaku

13 yrs - 1st  Mataele, 2nd  Gloria, 3rd  Zuan

BOYS FIELD High Jump:  6 yrs - 1st equal  Eyob, Isileli, Zaavan

7 yrs - 1st  Jaavan, 2nd  Connor, 3rd equal  Ammon, Tevita H

8 yrs - 1st Agape, 2nd Peter, 

9 yrs - 1st Rafa, 2nd equal  Finau and Sione, 3rd Ermias

10 yrs - 1st equal  Eric and Pene, 2nd  Tonga, 3rd  Uluau

11 yrs - 1st Geo

12 yrs - 1st  Sam, 2nd  Joseph, 3rd  Titi

13 yrs - 1st JJ, 2nd  Keean, 3rd  Abisht

Long Jump:  5 yrs - 1st  Tom, 2nd  Jude, 3rd  equal  Nathaniel and Soni

6 yrs - 1st  William F, 2nd  Zaavan, 3rd  equal  Dominic and Isileli

7 yrs - 1st Javan, 2nd  Finan, 3rd  Connor

8 yrs - 1st  Agape, 2nd  Peter, 3rd  Oliver

9 yrs - 1st  Rafa, 2nd  Sione, 3rd  Kosilio

10 yrs - 1st  Tonga, 2nd  Semu, 3rd  Pene

11 yrs - 1st  Geo, 2nd  Asipeli, 3rd  Gabriel

12 yrs - 1st  Joseph, 2nd  Sam, 3rd  Raphael

13 yrs - 1st  JJ, 2nd  Keean, 3rd  Abisht

Shotput:  5 yrs - 1st  William Afu, 2nd  Jude, 3rd  Tom

6 yrs - 1st  Isileli, 2nd  William F, 3rd  Dominic

7 yrs - 1st  Josiah, , 2nd  Javan, 3rd  Finan

8 yrs - 1st  Henry, 2nd  Peter, 3rd  Agape

9 yrs - 1st  Rafa, 2nd  Antonio, 3rd  Ermias

10 yrs - 1st  Tonga, 2nd  Adagio, 3rd  Semu

11 yrs - 1st  Geo, 2nd  Asipeli, 3rd  Gabriel

12 yrs - 1st  Sam 2nd  Titi, 3rd  Joseph

13 yrs - 1st  JJ, 2nd  Keean, 3rd  Brandon


GIRLS FIELD High Jump:  5 yrs - 1st equal Una and Bella

6 yrs - 1st Johanna

7 yrs - 1st Eva

8 yrs - 1st Magila

9 yrs - 1st Keleni

10 yrs - 1st Sharna, 2nd  Loleni

11 yrs - 1st equal  Aalisha and Ofa, 2nd equal  Sheila and Vanessa

12 yrs - 1st Vainiaku, 2nd  Meela, 3rd  Jazmin

13 yrs - 1st  Nardos, 2nd  Theresa, 3rd equal  Gloria and Ilisapeti

Long Jump:  5 yrs - 1st Bella, 2nd  Ofa, 3rd  Ayla

6 yrs - 1st Ariannah, 2nd  Johanna

7 yrs - 1st Eva, 2nd Jezebel

8 yrs - 1st Aylen, 2nd  Misha, 3rd  Hola

9 yrs - 1st  Fatima, 2nd  Ariana, 3rd  Keleni

10 yrs - 1st  Sharna, 2nd Mercy, 3rd Hope

11 yrs - 1st  Ofa, 2nd  Sheila, 3rd  Vanessa

12 yrs - 1st  Vainiaku, 2nd  Meela, 3rd  Fiona

13 yrs - 1st  Mataele, 2nd  Gloria, 3rd  Ilisapeti

Athletics Long JumpAthletics NoveltiesAthletics Shot PutAthletics SprintsAthletics RelaysAthletics high jump


Central Zones Touch Tournament

On Wednesday the 31st of October, twelve Intermediate students attended the Central Zone Touch tournament. The students had a great day out in the sun, worked well as a team and showed improvement as they won their last game against Pasadena. Gloria scored one try, Mataele scored three, Keean came very close twice, but got touched right on the try line! Our Player of the Day for his incredible speed, skill and our top try scorer with four tries was JJ.

Touch collage 


Kiwisport Challenge

On Tuesday the 23rd of October 30 students from Year 4, 5 and 6 attended the ‘Kiwisport Challenge’

The students were split into two teams. They had a great day in the sunshine playing some of their favourite sports, and trying new games.

They took part in Scatterball, Non-Stop Cricket, T-Ball, Hoopla, Water Relay, Rob the Nest.

The day finished with Tug of War and St Therese did exceptionally well. Both teams had to vs each other in the Semi-Final, but St Therese 2 came out on top and fought to the end to win the final!

Well done to all children for great sportsmanship throughout the day!

Kiwisport 1Kiwisport 2Kiwisport 3Kiwisport 5Kiwsport 6Kiwisport 4Kiwisport


St Therese School Cross Country

A fantastic day was had by all at our St Therese Cross Country Competition today. A huge thank you to all the parents and whanau that came along to support and also to Miss Cutler for organising an awesome day. We were so impressed by the fitness and determination of all our students, who made us very proud.

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On Wednesday the 19th of September, the Intermediate girls competed at the AAIMS League Tournament. The team gained a lot of confidence throughout the day, made some hard tackles and had great runs with the ball. The Player of the Day was Gloria, she stepped up last minute to make up numbers for the team and gave 100 % in every game.  A special mention to Asciat, who was approached by one of the tournament organisers to her to tell her how outstanding she performed. Lastly, a big thank you to Rey. The girls have been training with him every Monday and Wednesday for most of Term 3 and we appreciate the time he has put in.



Rugby Training Sessions

Room 6 have thoroughly enjoyed their rugby sessions facilitated by JP from Auckland Rugby. These lessons taught us not only the rules of Rugby, but important skills that are needed to be part of a team.

Each session was filled with fun games that enabled us to practice a range of skills and techniques and we worked our way up to playing a full game.



Netball Prizegiving 

The St Therese Primary and Intermediate Netball Teams attended the Three Kings  prizegiving on Saturday the 15th of September.

Congratulations to the two recipients of the Fair Play Award – Eric and Gloria and to the Intermediate girls for placing 2nd in the B grade. We are very proud of you all. 

Netball prizegiving

Students' Success

We are very proud of our students’ successes outside of school and we celebrated four sporting achievements at our Friday assembly.

Uluau was selected for the Under 10 Cook Island Rugby team.

Javan was selected for the Under 9 Niue Rugby team.

Abisht placed 2nd in the Auckland Karate Competition.

Keean was selected to represent Auckland in his age group for rugby.

Well done boys!

Notice 1



Every Friday of Term 3 Rooms 4 – 6 have been playing Badminton as part of the KiwiSport programme.

This was new to many of the students and they enjoyed competing against their friends.



Netball Season 2018

This season the St Therese Primary and Intermediate Netball teams improved in both their teamwork and ability. The students showed great commitment attending training sessions twice a week, and competing every Saturday morning. We are very proud of their efforts. The St Therese Intermediate team finished with a great result of 2nd in the B Grade.  The Primary team had a lot of students playing netball for the first time and they all showed great promise for the next season! We would like to thank our umpires Virginia Victor, Ana and Alisi Otufangavalu we really appreciate you taking the time to help out every Saturday. St Therese would also like to extend a very big thank you to our coaches, Reymar Valenzuela and Eileen Makasini who stepped up to train our students and attend their games every week. We appreciate the time and energy you spend supporting our students.  

Netball IntermediateNetball primary


Intermediate Netball

On Friday the 7th of September the Intermediate Netball girls were presented with awards by their coach Rey.

Player of the Tournament: Ilisapeti

Best Defenders: Theresa and Gloria

Best Attacker: Meela

This is the last year of St Therese Netball for these students and we will miss them in the team next year!

Notice 2 

Mt Roskill Zone Primary Netball Tournament

On Thursday the 23rd of August the St Therese Primary Netball team attended the Mt Roskill Zone Netball tournament. The students played exceptionally well throughout the day and worked as a team to win 5 out of their 7 games. They placed 2nd in the tournament just behind Waikowhai.  A very big thank you to Ana Otufangavalu who stepped up to coach and umpire on the day.

Primary Netball tournament


Central Zones Intermediate Netball

On the 10th of August the Intermediate Netball team competed at the Central Zone Netball tournament. The girls worked well together and finished 13th, which is a great result playing in the Year 8 grade.

Player of the Tournament:  Ilisapeti Makoni

Best Defence:  Theresa Augsburg and Gloria Akatere

Best Attacker:  Meela Pua-Valenzuela

 Central Zone Netball tournament


A group of Year 7 and 8 girls attended the Central Zone Futsal tournament. The girls worked well as a team and showed support for each other. The player of the day was Theresa, she scored the first goal for the Year 8 girls and displayed great sportsmanship.


Champion of Champions

On the 8th of May the Intermediate girls attended the Auckland Tag Champion of Champions. The team qualified for this event after winning the Central Zone competition in Term 1. 

Our girls finished 5th out of the 6 teams. Considering these teams are the winners of each zone in Auckland, this was a good experience for our girls to compete at this level and the first time for our school to qualify for this tournament, so proud of all the girls on doing their best.

 Tag 4TAg 3Tag 6Tag 5Tag 2Tag 1


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