Whats Happening?

2019 Speeches

We eagerly gathered in the library ready to hear the speech finalists from each class.

There were a range of topics presented and every student that stood in front of the school and parents spoke with great confidence, pace and expression.

We were very impressed with the content of the speeches and the presentation skills of our finalists.

A huge congratulations to the following students:

1st place in Room 1- Josiah with a speech about his favourite things.
Runners up in Room 1- Ayla and Nathaniel with speeches about their favourite things.

1st place in Room 2- Ariannah with a speech about Samoa.
Runner up in Room 2- William with a speech about Video Games.

1st place in Room 3- Azzaryah with a speech about Video Games.
Runner up in Room 3- Bethl with a speech about how animals communicate.

1st place in Room 5- Sione with a speech about how children should not be allowed mobile phones.
Runner up in Room 5- Semu with a speech about why we should not litter.

1st place in Room 6- jointly shared between Vainiaku with a speech about why Dads are better than Mums and Charisma with a speech about the Effects of Technology.