Welcome to the St Therese Library

The Library is a fun place central to the school community. The main focus is to provide an enriched motivating environment where students will learn a love of reading and knowledge. The Library provides quality literature, encouraging a recreation reading culture in the school - one where children love to learn.

Classes are time-tabled to visit the Library each week, to browse and exchange books for borrowing.  It is open to students at lunchtime for a variety of activities. All Students are encouraged to borrow books and take them home to read, they may borrow two books at a time and these are loaned for two weeks. If you need to borrow a book for longer please speak to Mrs Paterson.

You can reserve a book any time.  New books will be on display for a week before they can be borrowed and any of these books may be reserved during that time

We welcome parents to the library at any time. The class library times are as follows:-

Room 1                 Mondays             2 – 3 pm

Room 2                 Tuesday                2 – 3 pm

Room 4                 Wednesday       2 – 3 pm

Room 5                 Thursday             2 – 3 pm

Room 6                 Tuesday               11.30 am – 12.15 pm

If you wish to contact the Librarian please do not hesitate to email

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