Room Two

Autumn Leaves

Room two created poems about autumn leaves using interesting verbs and adjectives. We then used dye to give our published work the autumn colours.

Guy Fawkes

As part of the celebration unit , Room 2 made some colourful 3D fireworks displays to celebrate guy fawkes. By cutting, folding and gluing different pieces of paper they were able to make the art “explode” off the page

Our Art Trip

Room 2 had a go at making some Polynesian inspired art using what they learnt from their Art trip. They used patterns, fractions and rotation whilst making this artwork.

Rosary Beads

Room 2 made some colourful rosary beads with their big brothers/sisters from Room9A77BD16 3D09 492D BC24 10A1B3BAFE51 5


Room 2 did some science experiments around dissolving. We tested different substances to see if they were soluble and then we changed our experiments to make things dissolve faster! We changed the temperature, movement and amount of water as part of our investigation.

Enchanted World Science Experiment

Room two have been doing lots of science experiments as part of the enchanted world unit, here we made a chemical reaction using baking soda, dishwashing liquid and vinegar.


In dance and drama room two are using their imagination to create a dance based on the way a tree grows and moves in the wind.

Be Wise with your Rubbish

We are looking at our rubbish as part of our harmony topic and how long it takes to break down.   We couldn’t believe how long plastics take to break down!


We are learning about statistics, we made these charts of m&m’s to find out what was the most common and least common colours.

The best part was eating our research!


 ANZAC day fell in the holidays this year, in Room 2 we still learnt about the importance of ANZAC and did some sunset art to remember the brave soldiers. The children got creative in making their sunsets and the end result was awesome!


Our Garden

Room 2 have been working on our gardening skills , planting new vegetable plants and finding out how to maintain a garden as part of our minibeast topic and measurement topic  in maths.


Room 2 has been practicing their gymnastics and Parkour with Nisha on Fridays. We have been having a blast, who knew room 2 were full of amazing Gymnasts ! 


In room two we are learning about mini beasts and the different habitats where they live, the year 2’s created this amazing tree in our classroom to home all the insects and creepy crawlers we designed and drew as a whole class.

The Rainbow Fish

Room 2 were learning about interesting describing words to use in our writing after reading one of our favourite books “the rainbow fish”


In the first week of term room two made class portraits using nature to create awesome faces using different shapes, textures and colours to introduce who they were. Here is a selection of a few that were made .

Saint Mary MacKillop

The feast of Saint Mary MacKillop is celebrated on the 8th of August and Room 2 took part in a lesson focusing on her saying 'Never see a need without doing something about it.' They identified situations where people may be in need and what they could do to help.

Taekwondo in Term 3

Room 2 have been practising their tae kwon do skills every Friday and today they managed to use their kicking skills to break boards !

St Mary MacKillop Dance

The clever students in Room 2 choreographed a short dance showing their learning about Saint Mary MacKillop.