Room Two


In Room 2 we are learning about Kiwiana and the different symbols of Aotearoa.  The koru is one symbol we learnt about and its many meanings like peace, life, growth and strength.  We created our own koru using pastels.

Acrostic Poems

WALT write an acrostic poem.

For poetry this week in Room 2, we read an acrostic poem about Rain. Our follow up activity was to write a poem about ourselves using our name.

Finan's Writing

Finan has worked hard to show us about the changes that happen as we grow.

A Trip to the Library Writing

Writing Competition – Te Ao Maori

Our winner in Room 2 for the holiday competition was Connor.  Connor wrote a narrative that was inspired by the images of a taniwha and a toa (warrior).  He included interesting words, his ideas where separated into paragraphs and had a wonderful storyline that had a message about pollution.  

Learning to Play the Recorder

Mt Roskill Library Trip - May 2018

Ambury Farm Visit

Moving in Spaces