Room Two

Autumn Leaves

Room two created poems about autumn leaves using interesting verbs and adjectives. We then used dye to give our published work the autumn colours.

Guy Fawkes

As part of the celebration unit , Room 2 made some colourful 3D fireworks displays to celebrate guy fawkes. By cutting, folding and gluing different pieces of paper they were able to make the art “explode” off the page

Our Art Trip

Room 2 had a go at making some Polynesian inspired art using what they learnt from their Art trip. They used patterns, fractions and rotation whilst making this artwork.

Rosary Beads

Room 2 made some colourful rosary beads with their big brothers/sisters from Room9A77BD16 3D09 492D BC24 10A1B3BAFE51 5

St Mary MacKillop Dance

The clever students in Room 2 choreographed a short dance showing their learning about Saint Mary MacKillop.