Room Two

Writing Competition – Te Ao Maori

Our winner in Room 2 for the holiday competition was Connor.  Connor wrote a narrative that was inspired by the images of a taniwha and a toa (warrior).  He included interesting words, his ideas where separated into paragraphs and had a wonderful storyline that had a message about pollution.  

Art – Sculptures

We looked at pictures of dragons and identified different features of them, like snouts, sharp teeth and scaly body.  We then used different paper techniques such as curling and layering to create our own dragon.

Science – Planting

We received a koha of seeds from New World.  Together with our tuakana, Room 5, we had fun sowing the seeds in the compacted soil which expanded when placed in water.  There are herbs like thyme, mint, dill and chives.  We also have vegetables such as broccoli, radish, eggplant, lettuce, spinach, kale, fennel and carrot.  For them to grow, they need watering every day and placed where there is light but not direct sunlight.  We will have to wait 1-2 weeks until they sprout.  After that, some will need to be repotted.


Science – Living World

WALT flowers, fruits and seeds come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours.

Today we picked different flowers from around the school and talked about “what is inside the flowers?”, “whereabouts in the flower are its seeds found?” and “what are the seeds for?”  We used a digital microscope to look at the seeds that we found inside the flowers.  These are photos of what we found.




Writing Competition - Courage

Congratulations to Javan!

Javan submitted a piece of writing which described what courage was. He then retold a story about an event in his life where he showed courage and included people who inspired him not to be afraid.  It was well structured with paragraphs.

Writing Competition - Courage

Special Mention - Connor

Connor submitted a colourful comic strip!  It included two chapters with two different stories about courage.  There was a character called ‘Ted’ who featured in both stories.  It was well presented in a binder and looked like it was a labour of love.

Student Led Learning Conversation

Room 2 students took the lead by introducing their whānau to the teacher.  They opened the conversation with a prayer and then talked about their learning.  Students from Room 2 showed families their work that they were proud of in their books and taonga.  Whānau were then shown around the classroom and the different learning areas, including work that was on display.  One of their favourite basic facts game for maths is Salute, so students explained the game to their families and had fun playing it together.  They closed their conversations by thanking them for coming along and listening.

Well done Room 2 for showing confidence and leading your conversations with your whānau!

Religious Education - Prayer/Mediation

WALT :  Recognise that imagination is a gift from God.


WALT write an information text using one idea in a paragraph

In topic we are have been learning about light and what life was like before we had electricity and the light bulb.  We learnt about Thomas Edison's life and some of his inventions.  We wrote about him and why we think his invention of the light bulb was useful.

Library Visit

Tuakana Teina - Whakawhānaungatanga

Room 5 are our big brothers and big sisters.  We spent some time getting to know them by playing games with them on the field.  They help us with our spelling, read with us and join us in prayers on Monday afternoons in the church. 



Physical Education - Ki o Rahi

For physical education we are learning to play hakareta.  Hakareta is a junior version of Ki o Rahi, which is a game played by Māori for many centuries.  We had fun lots of fun chasing the guardians and trying to score points by hitting the tipu.



Religious Education – Jesus

W.A.L.T. identify people at home and at school who show love to others as Jesus did

We worked together as a team to create a colourful collage of people who show love to us and others.  We then stood as a group, in front of our class and spoke about these people.  

Visual Art – Stained Glass Windows

WALT create a stained glass window using chalk, crayons and dye.

Physical Education – Kicking

WALT use different parts of our foot to kick

We have learnt that there are many sports that kick balls like rugby, football/soccer, Australian rules, American football and takraw.  We tried kicking with our left foot and right foot, using our toes and sides of our foot.  It was easier to kick using a round ball rather than an oblong one like they use in rugby and rugby league.  Today we tried using a hacky sack which can be made from sand or small stones.  It was very hard but we had lots of fun!


Physical Education – Tae kwon do

We are learning how to kick using the ball of our feet and to use the pads correctly.  We have learnt different stances when we are kicking and punching.

Reading - Play

WALT read with fluency and expression in front of an audience

We performed the play ‘Fearless’ to Room 1 and Room 5.  The more we performed the play, the more confident we felt!

Ghost 1 performed by Connor

Ghost 2 performed by Toa

Mr Brown performed by Agape

Mrs Brown performed by Meron

Mouse performed by Aylen

Vampire performed by Dila

Monster performed by Bethl



Physical Education – Dance

WALT choreography a dance routine.

We have been working with a partner to come up with our own sequenced dance moves.


Library Matariki Trip

We learnt about the different ways we can celebrate Matariki.  We talked about how to make a hangi which is similar to an umu.  We learnt the names of the seven stars of Matariki as well as the two new stars that have been discovered.  Another way to celebrate Matariki is to talk about our ancestors. 


This term we are learning dance.  We have been learning that our heart pumps blood to our body, we need to stretch our bodies and warm up before we dance.  We have also been using our body to make letters and to connect our bodies to a buddy.

Class Mass

We attended a class mass along with Room 4 and Room 5 in the Library.  Father Arul told us the names of the garments he wears like the habit, stole, chasuble and cincture.  Room 2 stood and read the Prayers of the Faithful and we celebrated the Eucharist.

We did not have a bowl of Holy Water to bless ourselves so Father Arul sprinkled water over us.  We are thankful to Father Arul for spending his time with us and we enjoyed the singing.

Misha and Bethl

Library Visit

On Wednesday 30 March, Room 2 and Room 1 walked to our local library Mt Roskill. We meet the librarians who talked about the school holiday workshop programme.  It sounded like fun!

Then we were split into groups and we had a scavenger hunt around the different sections in the Library to find worms that were hidden inside books.

After that we had a building challenge using spaghetti pasta and marshmallows.  We made a skytower and a marae and lots of others sculptures.

We were then given paper to create creatures.  We had fun at the library. 

Thank you to the parents that came along to support us.

Relating to Others

Key Competencies – Relating to Others

This term we are learning to relate to others.  We participated in skits to show what this looks like and sounds like.

Relating to Others

Religious Education – Jesus

W.A.L.T identify some of the healing stories of Jesus

We performed scripture stories to our class of Jesus showing his love and respect for others.  We then performed these skits for our Big Brother and Big Sister class Room 5.

Reading – Play

WALT read with fluency and expression in front of an audience

We performed the play ‘Big City Noises’ to Room 1 and Room 5.  We had to make sounds to replicate noises that we hear in the city like horns hooking, construction machinery thumping and ship horns blaring.

Dad performed by Azzaryah

Uncle Shane performed by Fatima

May performed by Hola

Bruno the guide dog performed by Misha


Whakanuia te Reo Māori

Room 2 performed the waiata-ā-ringa ‘ka poipoi e’ to St Therese School to celebrate Māori Language Week.