Room Three

Our Room 3 Treaty

Nativity Scene Collage

In Room 3, this term we are focusing on creating a collage for our Christmas Nativity Scenes.  We watched a view videos online to learn how to make a collage art, because for most of the children this was their first time making one! Then we searched up different nativity scenes and then the children got to chose their favourite one. They then sketched it in their Art books and coloured it in, from there they got A4 paper and published their drawing on it. They traced their drawings with vivid and they started looking though magazines to find the colours to add in the background. They had an awesome time doing this and cant wait to display them on the wall!


Tigers Activity

For reading , the Tigers read a book called the Impossible bridge. It was about a group of children attempts to build models of a bridge.  They call themselves engineers and keep a diary to track what they have done each day.  The children enjoyed reading this book and had a few discussions about the different bridges in New Zealand. Then they made their own bridge with only using paper! Kids found it challenging at first but they got the hang of it at the end!

Food for Thought

Room 3 was fortunate this term to be part of the For Thought programme. The children got to learn about heathy eating and how to read the labels on food packets. They participated in a few activities in the class including rearranging food from most healthies to least healthiest and working in groups to read labels. On Friday we go to visit the New World supermarket, we split into groups and had to go to the different aisles and choose food products and write down the different Nutrition facts. 

Have a Go Day, Run Jump and Throw

Room 3 went out and enjoyed Have a Go day. The children participated in different sport activities and got to meet other students. They all did so well and had a blast having a go at the tug of war!

Our first session for Run, Jump and Throw the children learnt different skills of running (sprints). They played a few games that tested their running skills in which all the children participated in and enjoyed.

Underwater Adventure Writing

In Room 3 we have been analysing different kinds of writing, this term we focused on how to write a descriptive narrative following a visual story. We watched a few short movies that had no speeches which meant that the children had to stay engaged and understand the storyline by only following the visuals (characters actions). This enabled children to describe the characters feelings and different facial expressions.

From that the children had to come up with their own adventure underwater. The children had to describe in their writing their journey underwater, they had to describe their feelings, what they saw and the main event. To prompt their writing the children experienced watching a Virtual Reality SharkLand video which helped them feel as if they were swimming in the sea with the sea creatures.

They wrote really interesting things about their discovery!

Enchanted World: Life Under Water

This term for Enchanted World Room 3 has chosen to focus what life would be like under water. The children have brainstormed interesting ideas and used their imaginations to build a world under the sea. We thought it would be a cool idea to create jellyfishes that we can hang from our ceiling as part of our display.

We made our jellyfishes using paper bowls, we painted them and sprinkled glitter all over them, we then used mashed paper for the tentacles and lastly glued eyes on them to make them come alive! We had a great time decorating our jellyfishes!

Reading: Tigers Play

With the continuous of this wet weather, the Tiger reading group decided to present a play, “Rain, Rain Go Away!”. They did an awesome job rehearsing and presenting their play in front of their audience, the audience enjoyed singing along and the humour of the play.


PE : Basketball

Room 3 have started with a new sport this term! BASKETBALL! The children have been super excited to learn ball skills and shoot some hoops. We have had two sessions already and the children have learnt how to chest and bounce bass to their team mates. They have been playing awesome games to help them enhance the skills they have been taught.

RE: Trip to Monte Cecilia to Hear John Burland

Room 3 and the Year 5's in Room 5 were fortunate to go on a trip to Monte Cecilia School to join them on a fun sing along concert with Catholic Mass singer John Burland. The children enjoyed singing and dancing along to his songs, they also learnt the meaning of the lyrics and the importance of it to the Catholic faith.

Social Science: Journey Drama

This Term for Social Science Room 3 have been learning different drama skills. The children have been acting out a little journey using a picture that consisted of a vehicle    (train, canoe, hot air balloon, rocket ship and a yacht) . Their task was to use their imagination on how they will be traveling from St Therese School to Wellington. They worked in groups to come up with a story of their journey. They learnt the importance of sound effects, face expressions, tone, movement and how to engage their audience.

Nikau Artwork

We have been learning about the different native plants and trees in New Zealand. We focused on a specific tree called a Nikau Palm, we learnt about the features of the tree. We followed an instruction guide and drew our own Nikau Palm tree, we sketched it in our books and after four practices we finally created a Master Piece!! 

We had so much fun drawing and using water colour pencils to paint over our background.

Term 2 Writing


Room 3 has been fortunate enough this Term to experience a sport loved by so many!  Boxing!

The children were excited to get straight into it and learn some pretty cool moves. They have attended two sessions so far with such a positive attitude and enthusiasm. They learnt the three important rules of boxing; Respect, Discipline and Safety at the start of the lesson and are applying these rules during each lesson. I have enjoyed watching the determination children have towards this sport and can’t wait to see how the rest of the lessons go!

Reading: Cheetahs Group Play

Most Fridays children have a chance to present group plays within their reading groups. They learn to work co-operatively with one another and manage themselves when they are rehearsing. Reading plays are a great way to incorporate drama as it helps children build their confidence and learn techniques of a how to become a good actor, it also provides the other children the chance to learn what they must do to be a good audience whilst their peers are presenting. Children are learning to also give feedback to their peers in which creates a positive discussion amongst one another. Cheetahs presented a play called Fire! Fire! In which Toa acted as Elbert Einstein in which he had to show us some of his cray inventions! Such as making fire!

Lexia Programme Online

Children enjoy doing Lexia online during reading, groups are provided the opportunity to do Lexia at least twice a week as a brain break activity. This programme provides children with a variety of reading activities that enhances their reading skills such as comprehension and vocabulary. When they have completed a level they are awarded a certificate, they can practice Lexia at home with their personal log in as well.

Writing: Persuasive Writing

This Term we are focusing on Persuasive Writing, as a class we have had discussions about what they might think persuasive means and the purpose of this writing. I introduced a topic question “Should schools allow mobile phones?” to get children thinking and to discuss their beliefs/opinions on this topic. We drew a continuum line on the board and in pairs children had to mark whether they disagreed or agreed with this statement and provide a reason for their belief. The following day children created a mind map exploring all the reasons for their decision and at the end of the lesson we had a class debate. The children split into two groups and argued their beliefs, and I think Mrs McDonald will be reading some interesting pieces of writing soon!

Religious Education: Holy Spirit

For RE this term we have been focusing on the Holy Spirit, we spent a lot of time exploring the meaning and purpose of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. Children have learnt to define what is meant by the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and what each of the Nine fruits mean and how they relate back to God. As a class we created our own tree that consisted of the Fruits of the Spirit, children split into groups and were assigned a task to complete in which at the end they shared their piece of Art to finalise the tree. Children enjoyed being creative during this lesson and it is great to see them refer back to it.


Science: Minibeast/Worms

For Science this term we are learning about Minibeasts! We chose a minibeast to research about and then created our own Minibeast Fun Fact poster.

Our focus topic is on Wiggly Worms! We made predictions about what worms eat and where they may live. Then we went on a hunt to find worms in our School garden, after Toa and Cristina did all the digging we were finally lucky enough to find three Worms!! We were right about their habitat, worms enjoy living in dirt!

Maths: Geometry

For Maths this term we are learning about Geometry. We have been learning about all the different 2D and 3D shapes. We thought it would be a great idea to go out and search for different shapes around our school. We found many shapes such as, triangles, squares, cones, pentagons, diamonds, hexagons, circles, rectangles and many more! We drew all these shapes into our Maths books.


We have been learning about all the different things we can do during Lent. We came up with an idea to show our understanding of what lent means through drama. We brainstormed our ideas before we made our skits in our groups. We came up with different things like, helping the less fortunate, visiting those that are sick in hospital and dressing and feeding the homeless. We chose a focus and created a drama to present to the class. We used props around our classroom to make our drama look realistic and help us get into character. From this lesson we learnt that lent is a special time of the year where it gives us opportunities to do good things in life. We learnt that through kindness we can have an impact on other people’s lives.


During Week 2 Room 2, 3 and 5 went out to Onehunga pools to learn all the different swimming skills. We learnt about the safety rules, how to float on our backs, freestyle, backstroke, kicking and diving. We were split into groups and had an instructor to guide us. At our last lesson we had cool games and competitions, we had an awesome time at Onehunga pools!


Room 3 has been lucky to be involved in AFL this term! Every Fridays for the past 3 weeks we have been learning about the different AFL skills. We learnt skills like kicking, throwing, catching and the different rules in the game. We spent the first two lessons focusing on throwing, catching and kicking and then moved on to play a game. We had a lot of fun playing AFL and we cant wait to learn more new skills!

Our very own published illustrator

Congratulations to Tevita Veamoi for being a published illustrator in the latest Toitoi publication. We love your art and are so proud of this achievement.

Just Dance

Twice a week in class we do fitness called Just Dance! It’s a an awesome warm up activity to start our mornings. We choose a song from the list and we follow the dance steps, this activity enables us to dance in groups and in pairs. Sometimes its tricky to stay in routine because the dance moves get a bit complicated but we know that practice makes perfect!


Guided Reading

For guided reading Lions got to share a poem from their journal. It was called ‘How to swim a length under water’. Out task was to act out the verses of the poem. We practiced for 15 mins and we had to do a little bit of problem solving on who were going to be the narrators and actors. Hola, Javan and JR were the narrators and Jayda and Mia did a great job with acting out the verses. Enjoy our video from our poem!