Room Three


Room 3 have been rolling around on their skateboards and are loving the experience! They have learnt awesome tricks like flipping their skateboards and balancing with one leg. Its been amazing seeing their confidence develop over the couple of weeks and each week the children are showing their progress in skateboarding independently.


Hunger Ball

Room 3 have been fortunate enough to experience Hunger ball this term. The children were able to showcase their different skills such as, throwing, kicking, guarding and running in different speeds. They learnt the importance of working together as a team and having a clear communication. They enjoyed dancing along to the music and having a blast. We cant wait for our next session!


Every Wednesdays Room 3 have been enjoying Music lessons with the Jellybean programme. They learnt how to play the Glockenspiel instrument and showed off their vocals by singing along to a Aboriginal song. They also got to explore different instruments including the maracas, triangle, drums and tambourine.

Just Dance

Twice a week in class we do fitness called Just Dance! It’s a an awesome warm up activity to start our mornings. We choose a song from the list and we follow the dance steps, this activity enables us to dance in groups and in pairs. Sometimes its tricky to stay in routine because the dance moves get a bit complicated but we know that practice makes perfect!


Guided Reading

For guided reading Lions got to share a poem from their journal. It was called ‘How to swim a length under water’. Out task was to act out the verses of the poem. We practiced for 15 mins and we had to do a little bit of problem solving on who were going to be the narrators and actors. Hola, Javan and JR were the narrators and Jayda and Mia did a great job with acting out the verses. Enjoy our video from our poem!