Room Six

Run Jump Throw Lessons

How high can you jump? Today Room 6 had a Run Jump Throw lesson focused on using a scissor kick to increase our high when doing high jump.

Marcellin Performing Arts Showcase

Room 6 had a great time being part of the audience at Marcellin College's Year 7-10 Performing Arts Showcase. We loved seeing past students perform and enjoyed the wide of acts.

Geometry- Reflection, Rotation and Translation

Room 6 have been demonstrating great understanding of reflection, rotation and translation in their Geometry unit.

We have used a 4 quadrant graph and plotted coordinates to create certain shapes, which we then reflected in the x and y axis.

Our next step was to rotate these shapes around the origin point.

Lastly, we learnt about translation a shape to a different point on the graph plane.

Our final assignment involves demonstrating our knowledge of all 3 concepts to create a beautiful pattern.

Shooting Hoops

Room 6 have been having a blast shooting hoops in our basketball lessons, as we progress closer to playing a proper game of basketball.

We are really enjoying the games and activities that our coach, Brendan, is teaching us.

Enchanted Masks

In Room 6 we are excited about our theme 'Enchanted World' and are looking forward to transforming into enchanted characters.

Making Waffles

Delicious waffles were on the menu during our Big Brother and Big Sister session. Room 6 students supported the children in Room 1 as they did a fabulous job following instructions to create a midday snack.

Making Playdough

Working together, Rooms 2 and 6 made many different colours of playdough this morning to gift to Room 1 to use in their learning. Everyone followed the recipe perfectly and had a great time doing it. We hope Room 1 enjoys using their playdough as much as we enjoyed making it.

River Safety and Whitewater Rafting

The intermediates braved the chilly water to learn how to safely cross a river and whitewater raft at Vector Wero Whitewater Park. It was an awesome experience provided by Water Safety New Zealand. Our students worked well as a team to make their way through the rapids with smiles on their faces.

Financial Literacy Lessons (FLiP) with PWC

The students of Room 5 & 6 have recently taken part in four Financial Literacy modules led by staff from PWC.

The modules covered:
Credit & debt - Students learn the difference between buying with cash and buying with credit.
Financial responsibility - Students learn about identity theft and various methods used to steal identities.
Savings & investment - Students describe the advantages and disadvantages of saving for a short-term goal.
Risk management & insurance - Students identify examples of risks that individuals and households face (such as illness and theft).
We are very grateful to PWC for providing our students with valuable skills and knowledge.


Statistics Assignments

Room 6 students have been learning about gathering, presenting and analysing data as part of their Statistics unit in Mathematics. Each child surveyed their classmates to collect data. They then calculated the mean, median, mode and range and worked with digital tools to create a column graph and pie graph. After that we looked at the data presented and made a generalised statements about the findings.

Wonder Project

As the Wonder Project comes to an end, the students of Room 5 and 6 invited the whole school down to the field to watch the final launches of their bottle rockets. This has been an amazing experience and we have learnt so much about the science behind rockets. A huge thank you to our Ambassadors, Brook and Josh, who have helped us through this process.

Kayaking Lessons

Our Year 7 & 8 students had an awesome experience learning kayaking skills today at Wero Whitewater Park. They braved the chilly water to learn different types of strokes, play kayak basketball, and develop the technique needed to get back in a kayak after having the wobbles and falling out. This will be a day they won't forget anytime soon. We are very proud of their efforts, resilience and support of each other.


AFL Lessons- The Handpass

The 'Handpass' is one of the skills we have been developing during our AFL sessions. It was tricky to get the hang of at first, but with the help of our coach we have improved a lot and are able to use this skill in a game of AFL.


Our Year 7 and 8 students have been working hard in their sewing lessons this term to learn about different types of stitching.

Information Report Writing

This term we have been learning how to structure and present an information report. We have learnt how to categorise information and use precise language to form sub-headings. We have also used digital tools to work on how we present our ideas, so that our audience will be engaged.

Life Education Lessons

Room 6 thoroughly enjoyed our 3 sessions in the Life Education Caravan. Even though we are the oldest students in the school, we still love seeing Harold the Giraffe when he visits.

Our sessions focused on the making good choices and we also explored the concept of Digital Citizenship.

ToiToi Reading Session

Room 6 students really enjoyed participating in their Reading session with ToiToi and PWC staff. We got the chance to explore the new edition of Toitoi with our groups and see what other children our age are producing in Writing and Art. There were lots of funny moments and great discussions. We look forward to our next session in Term 2.

Big Brother and Big Sister Programme

As part of our role as St Therese Leaders, we get the opportunity to partner up with a student in Room 1. We call them our ‘Little Brothers and Sisters’. Each week we get to spend time with them, helping with work, supporting their learning, and having fun. It is great to get to see them out in the playground and for the younger students to know that they can come to us whenever they need.

Mt Roskill Library Trip

Rooms 1 and 6 had a fantastic trip to Mt Roskill Library. We always love seeing our friends, the librarians, on our visits. They had some really fun activities organised. The students in Room 1 took part in Storytime and had the chance to learn a new dance and play with some bubbles. Room 6 learnt about a range of recent novels that have been made into movies and took part in a character hunt around the library.

Tuakana Teina

Room 6 loved spending time with the students of Room 2. We worked together to make cards for those affected by the recent tragedy in Christchurch.

Working Together

In Room 6 we have been learning about what makes each of us unique and special. Over the term we have developed great friendships and learnt how to work collaboratively.

Duffy Books

We are so grateful to receive our new Duffy Books and look forward to finding a quiet space and getting stuck into reading. Thank you to Mt Roskill Warehouse Stationery for being a wonderful sponsor.

Technology at Bunnings

Our Intermediate students enjoyed their first technology lesson at Bunnings. They planted flowers, decorated flower pots and created a piece