Room Six


This term Room 6 has been exploring some key laws of science focusing on gravity and friction. We carried out a range of experiments to investigate these further.

We made paper spinners out of paper and investigated which type of paper created the most air resistance, slowing down the pull of gravity.

We built hovercrafts, using a disc, bottle lid and a balloon. This enabled us to learn more about the concept of friction.

We explored the force created in a film cannister when bicarbonate soda and vinegar combined.

We tried many variations of parachutes to lower an egg slowly and safely to the ground.



As part of the Health Curriculum our Year 7 & 8 students have been working through a programme called D.A.R.E. As part of this unit we had Scot and Clare from New Zealand Customs visit our school, along with their customs dog- Kale. We learnt about what their jobs entailed and how Kale, the dog, is trained to detect items that should not be coming into our beautiful country. We would like to thank Constable Jamieson for leading five lessons in our classroom and providing us with strategies to make good choices in our lives.

Computer Programming

For technology this term the Year 7 students have been exploring computer programming using Scratch and MakeyMakeys. After a few sessions familiarizing themselves with the new tools and equipment, the students were given a challenge to create a fun, functional game for the students of Room 1 and 2 to play, that included elements of computer programming. Their creations were amazing and the junior students had an awesome time trying each of the projects out. The Year 7 students should be very proud of all the hard work they put into preparing and running these sessions.


Tu Kaha Values Programme

We were very fortunate to have the Tu Kaha Values Programme come to St Therese School. You may have seen a giant truck with the Warriors logo on the side- well this was our classroom for 2 days.

In this classroom we meet Miss Jess and Matua Tom who led us through activities to help us better understand who we are, what our values are and how we can develop and appreciate these.

Year 7 & 8 Retreat

Servant Leadership was the theme of our Year 7 & 8 Retreat this year. We were very fortunate to have Carolynn Philips and Margaret Fitzpatrick from the Catholic Schools Office facilitate this day at the St Francis Retreat Centre. The students explored their role as leaders at St Therese School and participated in a range of activities to develop a better understanding of the values of the school and how they are called to serve others.

Mangere Mountain

For our science unit on Volcanoes, we travelled to Mangere Mountain for a guided tour by Leilani from the Mangere Mountain Visitors Centre. It was a beautiful day to explore the mountain and discuss the history of the volcanic eruption and how the changes to the land were effectively used by the Maori tribe that lived there many years after. We came to learn many new scientific facts and terminology relating to Volcanoes, but also the history of an important landmark in Auckland.


We are currently studying fractions in Maths. The students are exploring real life situations that involve fractions and how to use their math knowledge to solve everyday fraction problems.


Our weekly ukulele sessions have been going well in Room 6. We are very fortunate to have some amazingly talented musicians in the classroom who teach and guide others in their learning. It is great to see the support that the students give each other in the process of learning this instrument. So far the class has learnt the parts of a ukulele, 4 chords, how to strum, and many students are able to play a short song confidently.

Our Trip to Mt Roskill Library

On Wednesday 30th May Room 1 and 6 walked up to the Mt Roskill Library for a special session planned just for us. On arrival we were introduced to 3 lovely librarians, who were all so excited to see us. The students of Room 6 were guided over to the teen section, while Room 1 stayed for story time in the junior section of the library. We discussed novels that had been turned into movies and did a quiz about the different resources and experiences offered by the library. After this Room 6 students worked in groups to complete a Pokemon Challenge, where we had to use our knowledge of the library sections to locate images of Pokemon and complete the sheet. It was great fun and we learnt a lot. Our time at the library finished off with us reading with our little brothers and sisters, before heading back to school.


This term we have been working on improving our fitness levels each day.  At 10am each morning Room 6 go to the courts where we pick up our little brothers and sisters from Room 1. We rotate around 3 fitness rotations and support the younger children in the activities. After these rotations Room 1 farewell Room 6 as we head off around the block for a run. We are graphing our running time and hoping to see the line on our graph decrease, showing that our fitness is increasing.

Polygons and Fractions

Today we learnt that polygons are 2D (flat) shapes with 3 or more enclosed straight sides.

The word polygon originates from the greek words 'poly' meaning many and 'gon' meaning sides. Knowing the root meaning helped us to better understand the names of many other shapes.


Cute Cubes

For Math we had to use a combination of reading skills, mathematical knowledge and problem solving skills to create our cute cubes as part of our Geometry unit. Many of us faced challenges along the way, but it was great to see everyone supporting each other in their learning.


Visual Arts

We have been learning about 4 artists whose works fit under the expressionist and surrealism styles. Kadinsky, Miro, Chagall and Modigilani are all well known artists who we have enjoyed investigating over the past few weeks. The students of Room 6 are working on creating a piece of art in the style of one of these artists. A lot of research and discussion took place first and then the students choose an inspiration piece to provide them with ideas of content and style. Each student got to choose the medium they wanted to work with. These mediums included paint, pastels, crayons, chalk, sketching pencil, colouring pencils, Indian ink, and digital photography. The final piece of artwork are amazing. We look forward to sharing them with you.