Room One

Multiplication Work

We have been working on our multiplication this term and have enjoyed doing our times tables.


Term 3 Maths

We are learning to subtract from the bigger number and find the answer to these sums without using material.

Reading Comprehension

We are learning to identify different word ending in our reading.  We enjoyed completing our worksheets with our friends.

Mother Mary

Room 1 is learning about Mother Mary and her life.

We have coloured in beautiful posters of Mary's Assumption into heaven.

Our Buddies

Every Tuesday we work with our buddies from Room 6. This time around we were focused on using our reading strategies to decode tricky words in our books.



During Term 3 we are participating in Taekwondo for our sports.  We have been learning the right way to kick and punch using balance and the correct technique.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

'We're going on a bear hunt. We're gonna catch a big one. What a beautiful day. We're not scared.'

Room 1 and 2 students enjoyed watching this well-known book come to life during today's show at the Pumphouse Theatre. The children took their favourite soft toys along to watch the performance and loved every minute of it.

Easter Egg Hunt

For our last Oral Language session of Term 1 we had an exciting ‘Easter Egg Hunt’.

We were divided into two teams and off we went on out hunt. We walked around the whole school like detectives looking for several clues that led us to our treasures.

Ayla says “I enjoyed looking for the Easter eggs and they were delicious.”

Nathaniel says “I loved the ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ but I know that Easter is about JESUS!’


For Maths this term, one of the strands we are focusing on is ‘Geometry’.

We are learning to name different 2D shapes, count their sides and vertices.

  • “My favourite shape is a diamond because they are sparkly and have four sides” says Ayla
  • “I like drawing the different shapes in my book” says Moses



As a class we read the big book "Lost".

After reading we answered a few comprehension questions about the book.

Lastly we wrote a small recount about what happened.

We love writing!

Counting with the Baradene Girls

We are working with our lovely girls from Baradene College. Together we are participating in activities that help us count and improve our fine motor skills.

Smashed Potatoes

For Oral Language, we par boiled potatoes and baked them in the oven. We had to orally describe the process of preparing this delicious dish called “smashed potatoes”.                                                                                                                                                                                

We used herbs from our school garden, butter, grated carrot  and cheese to garnish our potatoes.


This term we are participating in Gymnastics. We have learnt the importance of warming up before doing any sports. In our pictures you can see us performing different poses with a buddy.

Coach Nisha has taught us the front support, the L shape and back support formations so far.


For oral language we baked mini cupcakes.

We used flour, eggs, sugar, butter, baking powder, pink food colour, milk and vanilla essence.

They were delicious and scrumptious!

The Man Whose Mother Was a Pirate

We traveled on a bus over the bridge and went to a place called Takapuna. There we visited a theatre called ‘The Pumphouse’.

We enjoyed watching the show which was all about a man whose mother was a pirate!

We were each given a blue cloth that we had to wave up and down and it was exciting as we pretended to be the ocean.

Room 1