Room One


The children in Room 1 have been working on handwriting.  We have been trying hard to hold our pencils correctly to form our letters well.

These photographs show how we have been practicing how to hold a pencil using fine sewing pins.  These fine pins help us to concentrate as we place our index finger on top of the pin head together with our thumb.  During this task we  hold the pin very gently as we transfer from left to right into the crystal holders.

The ways in which this task helps us with our writing is that

  • It consolidates fact that writing is written from left to right.
  • It gets us to practice pencil grip as pencils are held using our thumb and index finger.
  • It helps us slow down and focus on the task at hand so as to help us increase our concentration over time.


Get Set Go

The children have loved participating in the Kelly Sport programme, ‘Get Set Go’.

Over the weeks the children have partaken in a range of physical activities and games.

Some of the areas in which they have been developing skills have been balancing, throwing and catching.

Ice Exploration

Room 1 has been engaged in ice explorations. During these investigations the children have been sharing their ideas and making predictions about how ice is made.  A discussion on the states of matter really got the children inquiring about the freezing process.  Attached are some images from one of the investigations.


On Monday Room 1 children got to partake in Hungerball.  During the session the children got to play Soccer in a confined area.  It was evident that the children had to work on their social skills and communication.  Cooperation was also vital for playing the game as  the children had to defend goals and kick balls with accuracy all whilst working with their team member they were paired with. In the main the afternoon was loved by all!

Tapa Cloth

Traditional tapa is a bark cloth made in the islands.  Uses for tapa in the islands are clothing, bedding and wall hangings.

As tapa is symbolic to many of our St Therese children we decided to make our own as part of our Journeys topic. The steps we took are as follows…

  1. We viewed real tapa cloths and discussed aspects of them.
  2. We saw images of how real tapa cloth is made in Tonga and discussed aspects of this.
  3. We researched different types of tapa patterns and then identified the symbols represented.
  4. We drafted Tapa patterns that meant something to us or that we liked with pencil.
  5. We drew over all the patterns with our vivid.
  6. We coloured some of the patterns in with black vivid.
  7. We scrunched up the paper as much as we could to make it soft, approximately 10 times.
  8. We dyed the paper with used cold tea bags to give our work the traditional tapa cloth colour.


Room 1 is very proud of their artwork and invite you to visit their classroom for a viewing.

My Family

The children in Room 1 have been learning to write.  We are at the beginning stage of writing where we share our ideas so that we can construct sentences.

Our stories reflect how we describe our families.

Our First Day for 2020

Sharing, teachers’ children about compromise and fairness.  On our first day at school we worked on a paper cup learning experience.  Apart from discussing aspects of maths, our rationale for the task was to take turns, share, co-operate and use respectful manners.  Initially we wanted to work individually on the task as we all wanted our own cups to stack.  As the lesson progressed, we realised that we could not build a tower which was high so we changed our plan to work together as a team. By the end of the session we learnt that taking turns and negotiating often means that we are all happy in the end. 

"If we give we get some too” (Fikir).