Room One


We are learning to identify different blend and phonics sounds. 

Mandarin - updated June 2018

We have continued to learn about food in China.

We learnt that hamburger is call 'han bao bao' in Mandarin.

Upper Case and Lower Case Letters

We are learning to identify uppercase and lowercase letter. 

Our Letter to Jesus

We learnt about how Jesus wants to be our friend and has invited us to change our naughty ways.

We wrote Jesus a letters and promised to be gentle, kind and helpful to everyone around us.


Today we had three focuses for our writing lesson.

1.  Use Capital Letters

2.  Use spaces

3.  Use punctuation

We wrote about pets and why we thought our pet were the best.

Holiday Writing

Over the term 1 holidays we wrote about changes we have experienced in our lives.


This term we are learning some basic skills for Dance. Thus far we have participated in a dance routine, creating a different lines using our body and counting to the beat of 8. 


Dance1a T2