Room Four




Auckland City Rail Art Project

Room 4 recently designed their own pieces of art to take part in the Auckland City Rail Art Project.  Our pieces of art will be fired onto ceramic tiles and placed on the walls of the new Aotea Station when is opens in a few years time.   We had to base our art work around the theme of “Destinations” – we could paint or draw any train destination that we could imagine. 

Room 4 are very proud of our hard work and determination to complete these beautiful pieces of art.

Applied Science in Room 4

During our time in lockdown Room 4 students have been busy making their own rollercoasters at home.  A trip to the recycling bin was all that was needed, as our rollercoasters could be constructed from simple items such as cardboard boxes, tape and paper.  Nothing fancy required!  Prior to building our rollercoasters, we looked at some Science concepts such as potential energy and kinetic (moving) energy.  We looked at some examples of these, and understood what was required to build our rollercoasters.

Some fabulous rollercoasters were brought into Room 4 last week!  It was very exciting for everyone to see the hard work and effort these students had put into their creations.  Well done Room 4!  Some members of the class are still putting the finishing touches on their rollercoasters which will enable them to participate in some scientific experiments this coming week.  We will be investigating the speed at which our marbles travel down our rollercoasters using the measurements of distance and time.  I wonder who has the fastest rollercoaster?

Dance in Room 4

This week in Room 4 we brainstormed all the good and possibly difficult things, about being in isolation.  We used the Te Rito Toi lesson plan to create “Two Stars and a Wish” for each student in Room 4.  This meant that we had to think of two things we did well during lockdown and one thing that we wished we could have done.   We firstly brainstormed ideas for our “Stars” e.g looking after younger brothers and sisters, keeping up with our Zoom lessons, mopping the floors, making meals, cleaning the windows.  Then we thought about the things we couldn’t do such as:  swimming, surfing or flying to another country – these were our “Wishes.”

We then watched a video clip which gave us ideas on how to turn these thoughts into dance moves.  We needed to consider tempo, levels (e.g low, middle and high), and combinations of movements.  Then in groups of 2 or 3 we constructed our own dances using these ideas and principles of dance, and finally performed these to music.  Our dance creations were magnificent and imaginative, and we all enjoyed our chance to express our feelings through dance.


On Friday morning Room 4 were lucky to have our first Skateboarding session with Simon and Paula.  We began with some basics and then with a little practise we quickly improved our skateboarding skills so that we could learn a few tricky manoeuvres.  We all had heaps of fun and enjoyed learning something new!

Jean Batten’s Amazing Journeys

In Room 4 we have been reading and researching the life of Jean Batten, a great New Zealand aviator.  She accomplished many great solo journeys around the world and we have been inspired by her determination and bravery.  As part of our learning, we have constructed models of her two aircraft, the Gypsy Moth and the Percival Gull.  We used recycled materials to create these models and are very proud of our work.   Take a look at the photos….