Room Five


In Room 5 we have incorporated our minibeast topic into our Writing and Art.  We all had to choose a minibeast and then use this as a basis for a haiku poem and for our sketching work in Art.  We have been looking at improving our writing through the use of adverbs and adjectives and we were able to put this to the test through our haiku poems.  For Art, we have been looking at sketching and drawing techniques and we first practised then produced our minibeast pictures.  We added some colour to these through the use of water colour pencils. 

Through our minibeast topic we have learned many new things.  While looking at the classification of these creatures, we stumbled upon a couple of difficult examples, such as the caterpillar and the slug.   Mrs Patterson was able to help us out with our dilemma about the slug.  She just happened to read us a fantastic story in the library last week which mentioned they were part of the mollusc family.  We had to research caterpillars ourselves to discover that although they have more than six legs, they are indeed an insect as they are considered to be a ‘baby’ butterfly.

Circle of Life

For Room 5’s prizegiving performance, the students came up with a mashup of songs about the circle of life. Every student had their own part and worked within their group to come up with an acting or dancing routine.

Book Week

On Thursday the 13th of September St Therese came dressed as characters from their favourite stories or movies as part of the Book Week celebrations. Mrs Paterson organised a fantastic day for the students, they had a parade, watched the movie Matilda and sung her Happy Birthday to celebrate her 30th birthday. 

Ofa was the winner of the Room 5 dress-up competition, she put in a lot of work to make her Minecraft character.

Eric as Harry Potter, Loleni as Cinderella and Catherine as Sophie from the BFG were close runners up.



Speech Competition


The students have been enjoying learning Mandarin, especially learning new songs and chants.

Here are videos of Room 5 singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ in Mandarin and learning how to say different directions of movement e.g forward, backwards, up and downs.