Room Five

Library Trip

On Wednesday the 30th of May, Room 5 walked with their Room 2 buddies to the Mt Roskill library. The students really enjoyed their time playing some games and browsing through the different books.

Trip to MOTAT

On Tuesday the 29th of May, Room 5 was lucky enough to visit MOTAT and look at their Communications exhibit. The students had been learning about the changes in communication as part of their Social Studies topic. It was a great opportunity for students to see old cameras, typewriters and phones first hand and try writing with a quill and reading Braille.

Tu Kaha

In week 3 of this term, Room 5 had the opportunity to have 4 sessions with the Tu Kaha foundation. The facilitators discussed with the students about values, what they mean and how to be positive young people.

Duffy Theatre Visits St Therese