Room Five


For the first week of Mandarin in Term 4 Room 5 made lanterns. 

The Garden

Room 5 and Room 2 have been working together to plant their seedlings given to us by New World.


Every Friday the students have been going to dance and learning different moves. We have some very talented students! 

Physical Education

This term Room 5 has been working on offensive and defensive tactics. 


The year 5 and 6 girls have been great to watch on Saturday mornings. They work so well as a team.

Duffy Assembly

On Tuesday the 28th of March St Therese had their Duffy assembly. A group of students from Room 5 shared the self portraits they did in class. The students traced a silhouette of their head using the projector and filled it with their favourite colours, things to do and words that describe them. 

Rippa Rugby

The year 5 and 6 students participated in a rippa rugby tournament and had a great day! They showed great improvement throughout the day, and worked well as a team. 

Spelling with Room 2

Every Friday Room 5 has been working with Room 2 on their spelling. They have proved to be great role models for the younger students, and the classes love getting together for outdoor games!


Every Wednesday of this term we have been learning Mandarin. This week the students were learning about Chinese sports and had a go at doing some Tai Chi. 

Pasifika Mamas

On the 27th of February the Pasifika Mamas visited our school. The children learnt skills in dance, drums and lei making.

The children really enjoyed working with the Pasifika Mamas and learning new things about the history of Pacific Island culture.

Hilton Brown Swimming

From the 20th to the 24th of February the year 5's and 6's of Room 5 went to Hilton Brown swimming pool.

The children really enjoyed working with the instructors to improve their swimming skills! 


We are very fortunate to have Ms Feung come into St Therese and led us in Mandarin lessons. We are really enjoying learning a new language and interesting facts about Chinese culture.

Library Visit

The Year 7 and 8 students thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Mt Roskill Library. A huge thank you to Marianne and Charlotte, our local librarians, who provided us with exciting activities to help us learn more about the library and the wonderful things that happen there. We look forward to taking part in the upcoming holiday activities, which will be held at the library.

Duffy Theatre Visits St Therese