Room Five

St Therese Feast Day

St Therese’s Feast Day is coming up on October 1st. The students have been discussing who St Therese was, and why she was made a Saint. They then made their own posters with an acrostic poem, and 5 drawings of what they could do to follow St Therese’s ‘Little Way’

Solar System

For topic this term Room 5 has been looking at the Solar System. Their final task was to pick a planet in pairs and find out how big it is, any interesting physical features it has and how their planet got it’s name. They presented these to class on the second to last day of term and were great public speakers! Finau did very well as his partner was away he had to finish off the poster and present it on his own.

Zoo Trip

On Tuesday the 18th of September, St Therese school went to Auckland Zoo for the day. The students had a great day out exploring the different animals and learning about them from the Zoo facilitators. Some of the students’ favourite animals were the tigers, elephants, giraffes and crocodiles.


Maori Week

The students finished off Week 9 of Term 3 with different activities to celebrate Maori week. The pictures shown are from making Fry Bread. Everyone worked very well together at their different stations and had full tummies after leaving! The other two activities were flax weaving and performing using the Ti Rakau sticks.

Speech Competition

Ofa and Langi were selected to go through through to the St Therese speech finals. They both had well written speeches and spoke clearly with great expression. The judges couldn't decide who was the best and they both won the Room 5 award. Well done! 

Have a look at the videos at the bottom of the page.


Room 5 has worked hard to complete two very creative art pieces this term. The students have been working with different materials such as wool, cotton, fabric to make their own clown portrait. They also created their own monster using the letters in their name and colouring around it. We are very proud of the final results!

Book Week

Here are some photos from our Book Week.

Proclaiming the Word Competition

On the 11th of September, Catherine represented St Therese at the ‘Proclaiming the Word’ competition. Students were selected from all the Auckland Catholic schools.  Catherine spoke clearly, with expression and made our school very proud.

Assumption of Mary

August the 15th was the celebration of the Feast of the Assumption. The children explained the importance of this day for the church and wrote their own prayer for Mother Mary.


Library Trip

On Wednesday the 30th of May, Room 5 walked with their Room 2 buddies to the Mt Roskill library. The students really enjoyed their time playing some games and browsing through the different books.

Trip to MOTAT

On Tuesday the 29th of May, Room 5 was lucky enough to visit MOTAT and look at their Communications exhibit. The students had been learning about the changes in communication as part of their Social Studies topic. It was a great opportunity for students to see old cameras, typewriters and phones first hand and try writing with a quill and reading Braille.

Tu Kaha

In week 3 of this term, Room 5 had the opportunity to have 4 sessions with the Tu Kaha foundation. The facilitators discussed with the students about values, what they mean and how to be positive young people.


Room 5 has prayer monitors that change every week. We have prayers at the start of the day, before lunch and at the end of the day. Before school the monitors take responsibility for setting up the prayer before school starts, choosing the theme and leading it.

Book Week

On Thursday the 13th of September St Therese came dressed as characters from their favourite stories or movies as part of the Book Week celebrations. Mrs Paterson organised a fantastic day for the students, they had a parade, watched the movie Matilda and sung her Happy Birthday to celebrate her 30th birthday. 

Ofa was the winner of the Room 5 dress-up competition, she put in a lot of work to make her Minecraft character.

Eric as Harry Potter, Loleni as Cinderella and Catherine as Sophie from the BFG were close runners up.



Speech Competition


The students have been enjoying learning Mandarin, especially learning new songs and chants.

Here are videos of Room 5 singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ in Mandarin and learning how to say different directions of movement e.g forward, backwards, up and downs.