Room Five

Fabric Printing

This term we have been learning about printing techniques and sustainability so we decided to put the two together to create our very own planet-friendly shopping bags.

Using our prior knowledge of print making we were able to construct a new print from foam.  We then practised applying this print to paper using the fabric paints.  When we were happy with the results we thought about layout and design and where we wanted to position our prints.  Then it was time to start printing!  Have a look at the photos to see our amazing results.  We are very proud of our planet-saving bags!


During Term 2 both Room 5 and Room 6 were lucky to be involved in the Wonder Project – a joint project between Beca Engineering and Engineering NZ which brings Science into schools.   Our task was to design, make and test a water rocket made from a plastic bottle with the help from our engineers, Josh and Brook.  We spent most of the term learning about Newton’s Laws  and how to apply these to our rocket design.   The fun really began we could test our rockets and launch these with a rocket launcher provided to us by Engineering NZ.

We had time to perfect our designs before the big finale where Room 5 went head to head with Room 6.  The whole school came out to watch us on a chilly June morning and helped out with the big countdown so we could launch all our rockets.  This was a fabulous hands-on Science experiment which we all thoroughly enjoyed!


Did you ever ?


Along with other classrooms at St Therese, we have been very lucky to take part in some boxing classes this term.  We have learnt all kinds of new moves – the hook, uppercut and jab to name a few!  It has been lots of fun and fantastic exercise as well.


Our Picasso-inspired peace dove artwork 

Bike Days

We were very lucky in Term 1 to have two fantastic days improving on our bike riding skills.  We all learnt something new and had lots of fun riding the bikes!

Minibeast Board Game or Poster

As part of our inquiry we worked in small groups or pairs to create either a board game or a poster based on a minibeast or minibeasts of our choice.  We came up with some creative ideas and used many skills in the creation of these games such as problem solving, maths, writing and team work.  We then were able to share our games with others in the class.


In Room 5 we have incorporated our minibeast topic into our Writing and Art.  We all had to choose a minibeast and then use this as a basis for a haiku poem and for our sketching work in Art.  We have been looking at improving our writing through the use of adverbs and adjectives and we were able to put this to the test through our haiku poems.  For Art, we have been looking at sketching and drawing techniques and we first practised then produced our minibeast pictures.  We added some colour to these through the use of water colour pencils. 

Through our minibeast topic we have learned many new things.  While looking at the classification of these creatures, we stumbled upon a couple of difficult examples, such as the caterpillar and the slug.   Mrs Patterson was able to help us out with our dilemma about the slug.  She just happened to read us a fantastic story in the library last week which mentioned they were part of the mollusc family.  We had to research caterpillars ourselves to discover that although they have more than six legs, they are indeed an insect as they are considered to be a ‘baby’ butterfly.

Collographic Prints

In Room 5 we have sketched and created our own collagraphic prints using cardboard and foam.   Firstly, we painted a colourful background for our prints.  Then we measured and cut out a square from cardboard, and made our print design using foam.  Once we were happy with our design we practised printing on a piece of scrap paper.  We had to rotate our print 90 degrees to create a final square print on our painted backgrounds.  As a class we are very happy with the outcome and are grateful to Ms Luz for helping us with our art.