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Our learning for Term 1 is Mini beasts


Enduring Understanding

  • There are diverse living beings within our local environment
  • There is much diversity between different species of invertebrates
  • Diversity helps us appreciate our own and other's differences

Essential Question

  • What is an invertebrate?
  • Where do we find different invertebrates?
  • What invertebrates live in New Zealand/Aotearoa?
  • What are the similarities and differences between diverse invertebrates?

Key Competency

  • Relating to others


  • Faith, Hope and Love:
    Community and participation

The RE strands for Term 1 2019 are:

Room 1              
Jesus: My friend

Room 2             
Jesus: Showed His Love in Different Ways

Room 3             
Jesus: Gives Himself inthe Eucharist

Room 5
Jesus:  The Life of Jesus

Room  6       
Jesus: Savior and Liberator

The Liturgical Year:
Lent & Easter