Our Classes

Our learning for Term 3 is Enchanted World


Enduring Understanding

  • There are many forms of creativity
  • God created a perfect world
  • We can express ourselves, our lives and our emotions by being creative

Essential Question

  • How can we create an enchanted world from the past, present and future?
  • How can we create Heaven on Earth?
  • What would people in an enchanted world act like

Key Competency

  • Thinking


  • Faith, Hope and Love:
    Diversity, curiosity, innovation

The RE strands for Term 3 2019 are:

Room 1  
Communion of Saints, St Therese            

Room 2             
Saints, Prayer and The Assumption of Mary

Room 3             
Prayer, Communion of Saints and Sacrament

Room 5
Communion of Saints and Sacrament

Room  6