About Our School

Information Booklet

Welcome to St Therese School

- where your children will love to learn.

Our information booklet is a guide to help answer any questions you may have and to let you know how our school operates.

At St Therese School we celebrate the cultural diversity of our school family within a friendly, caring and family oriented environment.

We want our children to experience success and to become confident, creative and actively involved in their learning.

We aim for each class to be a learning community, where every person is valued, where children are given rich and meaningful learning opportunities, where gifts are developed and shared, where leadership is fostered and where children are supported to achieve personal excellence regardless of their individual circumstances.

We are looking forward to getting to know you. Research shows that when all the significant adults in a child’s life work together, children will be successful. If you have any concerns at all about your child, please do not hesitate to phone the school and make an appointment to see me or your child’s teacher. It is usually best to make an appointment through
the school office.

Please come in to the school as often as possible to support your child and take part in his/her learning and to be part of our sporting, cultural and community days.

Together we can make a huge difference
to our children’s education.

Every blessing
Susan McDonald


Tips for Starting School

New entrants have many adjustments to make when they arrive at school, for example, the physical size of the school, the large number of people and a more structured day etc. Below is a list of a few tips to make your child’s first days at school more enjoyable.

•  Visit the school at least once prior to your child starting

•  Arrange at least one classroom visit.  Familiarise your child with the cloak bay, toilets and playground

•  Explain to your child that you will pick him/her up from the classroom at the end of the school day

•  Arrive at school in plenty of time before school starts to settle your child

•  Name everything that comes to school

•  Name school bags on the inside

•  School bags should be large and easily opened

•  Lunchboxes should be sturdy and easily opened

•  Encourage your child to take responsibility for his/her own possessions

•  Encourage independence at home and school

•  Check your child’s bag every night for homework and notices

•  Ensure your child brings back his/her book bag to school every day

•  Reading books will be sent home every day except Friday. Books must be returned to school each day

•  Establish a reading routine. Ten minutes is enough. Make it a sharing time

•  All money that comes to school needs to be in an envelope or wrapped in paper with your child’s name, room number and purpose clearly written on it

•  Encourage your child to recognise and write his/her name, know the names of the letters and sounds, count to 10 or more and know the basic shapes and colours


Pre-Entry Visits

Our usual procedure for pre-entry visits are as follows: (Please stay at school with your child if he/she is unsettled during these visits)

•  First Visit from 8.50 – 11.30am

    Parent/caregiver may need to stay.  Please bring play lunch.

•  Second Visit from 11.00 – 1.00pm

    Parent/caregiver may need to stay.  Please bring play lunch and lunch.

•  Third Visit from 8.50 – 1.30pm

    Parent/caregiver may need to stay.  Please bring play lunch and lunch.

Please bring your child to the school office on the morning of their first pre-entry visit and on the day they start school.

Attendance and Absence

The law requires children to attend school unless prevented by illness or any other special home circumstance. Children who attend regularly are more likely to be successful and make progress.

Please telephone the school office or send an email if your child is going to be absent or late to school. Unexpected or frequent absences will be investigated by the school or Truancy Officer.


In the case of serious accidents or head injuries, every effort will be made to contact you immediately. We need to be informed of any changes to your phone number or address. In the case of an emergency your child will be taken directly to hospital.


Arrival at School & Breakfast Club

Children are expected to be at school and ready for class by 8.50am. If children are arriving at school before 8.30am, they are expected to go to the hall for Breakfast Club from 7.30am and then to the Library from 8am.  If arriving at school after the 8.50am bell, children need to collect a late pass from the office.

Attendance Dues 

All children attending a Catholic School pay $110.00 per term for Attendance Dues in 2019. The money received for Attendance Dues is sent directly to the Catholic Schools’ Office in Auckland.



Appropriate behaviour is expected from all children. Foul language, behaviour likely to cause harm to people, damage to property or continual disruptive behaviour is not acceptable. Minor offences are dealt with at school and parents are not necessarily informed. Serious offences will involve the parents and the school may call on other support services.

Board of Trustees

The Board meets monthly. Dates for meetings are advertised in the school newsletter. You are welcome to attend these meetings.

Children Leaving School before 3.00pm

Children are expected to be at school between the hours of 8.50am and 3.00pm. Permission to remove your child/children before 3.00pm needs to be obtained from the school office.

Collection of Children at 3.00pm

Please do not disturb your child’s class just before home-time, as this is a very busy time in all classes.

Our end of day bell rings at 3.00pm and we end our day with a prayer.

Children will be dismissed promptly at 3.00pm. We do not want any child walking through the carpark without adult supervision, so we invite parents to come down to the shade area to collect children.

Because we are considering the safety of all our children, we need all parents to support our procedures.

Damage to School Property

When students cause damage to school property, parents will be expected to make payments to cover the cost of repairs.

Dental Clinic

Children attend the Mt Roskill School Dental Clinic. Phone (09) 620-0134.


Extra Charges

Like all schools, we operate a ‘User Pays’ system. Each year there are charges for:

•  Religious Education digital resource
•  School trips
•  Stationery
•  Technology


Health and Physical Wellbeing

We have a daily fitness programme and children need a note if they are unable to take part in fitness or sport because of illness or injury.


Homework is set Monday - Thursday.

This may include:

•  Learning spelling words

•  Learning tables and basic facts

•  Completing work

•  Reading books

Depending upon class level, the amount of time spent on homework will vary.

Library Books

We are very proud of our school library. Children may take their library books home if they have a book bag. Parents are expected to replace lost or damaged books.

Lost Property

Please name all clothing i.e. sweatshirts, socks, shoes etc. All children from Years 1-8 are encouraged to care for their own belongings.


Please send healthy food to school with your child. Good choices for lunch include sandwiches, vegetables and fruit. 

Sweets, chips, packets of biscuits and fizzy drinks are not allowed at school. Other drinks may be brought to school in a plastic container. No glass bottles please. 

Mt Albert Road

Mt Albert Road is a very busy and dangerous road. Always park your vehicle facing the Church when collecting or dropping off your child/children and then exit by way of the loop road which leads onto Bremner Avenue.


These are sent home regularly via email. Please check your child’s bag for newsletters.


Office Hours

The office is in attendance during the following hours:

Monday to Friday from 8.30am - 3.30pm

Reporting to Parents

A written report is sent home twice a year. A parent may request an interview with a teacher at any time. Please make an appointment through the school office.

Scholarship valued at $2,000

This is offered to a graduating Year 8 student who will be attending a Catholic Secondary School. Selection criteria is based on the qualities of our patron saint St Therese. If there are two deserving students, the scholarship may be shared between the two. More information is available from the school office.

School Hours

The first bell rings at 8.30am and the school office is open. Children need to be ready for class by 8.50am.

Morning interval:    11.00am - 11.30am

Lunch:                     1.00pm – 1.50pm

Dismissal bell:         3.00pm

Children are expected to leave the school premises promptly at 3.00pm. If you are held up after school and will be later than 3.15pm, please phone the school. The school is only responsible for the children from 8.30am - 3.15pm.

School Sun-hats

According to our Sun Safety Policy, a sun-hat is a compulsory part of our school uniform for Terms 1 and 4.  To protect the children from the sun, we operate a ‘no hat, no play’ policy.

Sun-hats are for sale at the school office for $15 each.

Smoke-free School

Our school is smoke-free. This means, smoking is not permitted on the school grounds including in cars and on school trips.

Stationery Packs

Stationery packs are made up at the beginning of the school year. The cost of the stationery pack varies, depending on the year level that your child is in. You will be advised, in the school newsletter, what the cost will be for your child.

Additional school stationery may be bought from the office between 8.30 – 8.50am.

Support your Child’s Learning at Home

For your child/children to benefit from their time at school and achieve their potential they need your support in these ways:

•  Provide breakfast before they come to school

• Provide a healthy morning tea and lunch   to feed their brain

• Listen to your child read the book they bring home and talk with them about the story

•  Talk with your child about the school day and listen to what they have to say

Make sure their reading books are returned to school the next day so they can bring another one home

• Provide the correct school uniform including the school sun-hat

Toys / Games / Personal Property

We prefer children to keep toys and other playthings at home. The BOT and staff accept no responsibility in the case of loss or damage to valuables or articles brought to school. Cellphones are to be handed in to the class teacher before school and collected at the end of the day.


The St Therese Uniform can be purchased from Elizabeth Michael Uniform Shop, 4 Bond Street, Kingsland.  Phone 358-1680 for the opening hours.   http://elizabethmichael.co.nz/

Sun-hats may be bought from the school office.

We are very proud of our uniform and expect all children to wear the correct school uniform at all times.

Girl’s Uniforms both Summer and Winter

• St Therese Navy Culottes

• St Therese Navy Blouse

• Red Polar Fleece

• Black Sandals or Black Shoes with White Socks (double red stripe)

• School Sun Hat

• St Therese Sports Uniform

Boy’s Uniforms both Summer and Winter

• St Therese Navy Shorts

• St Therese Navy Shirts

• Black Sandals or Black Shoes with Navy Socks (double red stripe)

• Red Polar Fleece

• School Sun Hat

• St Therese Sports Uniform