Our Mission Statement
To create passionate, lifelong learners, with a strong faith, skills and knowledge to be successful members of their communities.
Our Vision
Students will be successful as both learners and global citizens, able to use their skills to live confidently and make meaning in a complex changing world. They will become the people that God wants them to be
Faith is the essence
of our School
Faith underpins all our thoughts
and actions. Like our patron saint,
St Therese, we are reminded to
do ‘little things’ well
and with great joy.
This goal inspires
a love of learning
Success for the future
begins with the skills and
passion for knowledge
your child will learn
at St Therese School.
We ensure every child’s
talents are celebrated
With the right encouragement
and assistance, your child
will take on challenges
with courage and grace.
Our school is
about belonging
Within our school family we
embrace and celebrate a
wonderful diversity of cultures
which adds to the richness of
this learning environment.

Important Dates for Term 3 2020

7-11 September - Tongan Language Week
7-11 Catholic Social Justice Week
11 September - Daffodil Day Fundraiser
14-18 September - Book Week (Costume Parade Thursday, 17th September)
21-25 September - Chinese Language Week
22 September - Cross Country
25 September - Feast of St Therese Mass, Lunch & Talent Show



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